Fork bet trading

The Fork Bet Tranding app makes betting on Android and PC devices simpler and easier

How it work
It's easy as 1, 2, 3

Get signal for the next deal due to requested parameters in your app. 
Verify applicability 

Set the deal. Profit "in pocket"

  1. Platform Fork Bets processes millions of quotations on daily basis 

  2. Provides tens and hundreds of signal for difference in each match margin
  3. Displays "middles" on screen for verification
  4. Set. Get calculated in advance
Middles non-losing strategy
To get income
at any result of match

When making bets in bookmaker's offices there is always possibility to loose all money. In order to avoid the loss we created service that allows to get profit from bet in any case. How is it possible? Thanks to use of bookmaker middles* for calculation of which specially obtained mathematic formulas are applied.

*Bookmaker middles - mathematically calculated arbitration situation that allows to make bet in sport on all opposite contests results in different bookmakers offices. You get income at any result of match!

Terms of work
Path to development


Upon each executed signal for deal you earn from 1 up to 20-30 Euro. As a rule, such deals are performed in the mount of 5-10 at daily work.


Remote trader works in team of other specialists. We have team chats and integrated system of beginners training.

Career development

From average trader you can grow up to manager of traders group and develop due to our partnership program. We are ready for you appraisal and support at each stage.

Stop it
Right now
Stop lose

Our program is a unique tool for all people who are interested in sports betting. Human resource, physically and psychologically, will not be able to single out perfect rates of 1000 events per day without our help.

We provide access to a huge resource of knowledge that will offer the best sure bets with the highest betting odds. Fork Bet is your decision to stop losing and change your attitude to betting

It is a tool for earning integrated with top world bookmakers. Finds safe betting variants for such sports as: football, hockey, tennis, boxing, ufc, volleyball. Allows you to see the events of different sports and odds on their outcomes in one program. After installation, three modules will become available to you:

  1. Live
  2. Pre-live
  3. Gibrid

Our team has developed algorithms and software solutions that can guarantee high earnings for sure. Spare some of your time on it and you won't have to wait long for the results to come. Perhaps you did not know that you could enjoy so much good luck, so it is important not to waste it.

Change your strategy and choose sure bets.

Try it now and see for yourself. We provide full technical assistance during 24 hours after payment. If the files have failed to download, contact the telegram contacts.

Our Team

Bo Hembaek Svensson

Bo is a seasoned Software Business Executive with 30 years of experience from the IT indusrty.

He has co-founded several businesses within software solution development and served as a member of IBM, European Software Advisory Board 2001-2012.

Rasmus Dalboge
UX Designer

Rasmus is a UI/UX Designer with a passion for desining digital experiences that are both commercially effective and a pleasure to use.

David Green
Business Development Director

David has 40 years of IT experience (Senior Managment level for the past 17 years), working for both IT Service Providers (such as IBM, and an IBM Business Partner) and an Senior Level of internal IT departments.

Thomas Forslund

Thomas has more 20 years experience from the corporate and financial sector working within constuction, airport and banking sectors.

Bridget Cosgrave

Bridget Cosgrave is the Founder and President of Every European Digital through which she active as an advisor, entreprneur and angel investor for companies with Internet of Things (IOT), E-Commerce and Telecommunications platforms and services.

Since 2016, she is focused on the Internet of Ships.

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